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What We Do

Fingerprinting and Background Checks, and Notarial Services 

All Missed Appointments No Refund, No Credit, and No Transfer of any kind

Federal Gun License

The FD-258 Ink Card


Notary Public

Notarial Documents

FBI Background Check

The FD-258 Ink Card
Any Card, Any Reason

Immigration (No Social Security Number), Apostilles, Work VIsa, And Passports

The FD-1164 Ink Card

Financial Industry and Regulatory Authorities Background Check


The SF-87 Ink Card

 The SBI-19 Ink Card

WEBCHECK BCI and FBI Background Checks

Electronic Fingerprinting

Compact Nursing License


How We Do It

Ink and Roll Fingerprinting and Electronic Fingerprinting
All Services No Refund, No Credit, and No Transfer of any kind

Our Fingerprinting Technicians focus on providing premium customer care services from the moment we say HELLO! You are greeted with a refreshing drink and relaxing body massage. Our fingerprinting processes are The Ink-and-Roll Fingerprinting and The Electronic Fingerprinting. Once we capture your fingerprint images, we send them to the state/FBI repositories for personal identification. When Consultation and Special Needs Services are applied extra time, resources, and steps to complete the application process and achieve good-quality fingerprints the service cost will increase. The Consultation Service cost is not dependent on the client receiving fingerprinting services. Also, upon request, we provide upgraded services at an additional charge to include: The White Glove Service thru our Ink and Electronic Fingerprint Club. Members will receive: 1 Free Archived Fingerprint Service/Year, 3 Complimentary Massages by Appointment within your initial fingerprinting service year. Executive Mail Courier Service with Tracking Number, and Updates. Fingerprint Club Members, No Office Visits required to submit the new fingerprinting and background check request.                                                        Join today, and we'll handle the rest!



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The Best Fingerprinting Place in Cleveland, Ohio!

  • Experience

    Qualified experts

  • Fast Results

    Ink + Roll Fingerprinting and                                  Electronic Fingerprinting                         

  • Service

    White Glove Service:                                                          

    Mobile Electronic Fingerprinting only downtown business and residential areas. Prepay travel expense.

    Cleveland Fingerprinting Club Members                              1 Complimentary Electronic Fingerprinting, 1 Complimentary Executive Mail Courier Service with Tracking Number and Updates, and 3 Complimentary Massages with refreshing drink within the initial service year.

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