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Cleveland Fingerprinting offers premium customer services in fingerprinting. In-office appointments are available for your convenience.

What Fingerprinting Services We Offer

Ink Fingerprinting

We offer Ink Fingerprinting Services thru the Ink and Roll method on any fingerprint cards. Also, available is the FD-258 Ink Card separate from service.

Archival System

Archive your Ink and Roll, and Electronic Fingerprints up to a year to submit fingerprints to any agency from the comfort of your home. So, come join our "Members Only" Archival Fingerprints Club today!

Electronic Fingerprinting

We offer The Ohio BCI and FBI Fingerprinting Services thru the Electronic Fingerprinting method.

Rejected Electronic Fingerprints 

The BIM-12-98 Ink Fingerprinting Card/Hard-To-Print Hand Tx is your answer!

Consultation + Executive Mail Courier Services

Have an application to go along with your cards? Need copies of any forms to send with fingerprints? We will help you with the application. We will submit your application very easily thru our fast Executive Mail Courier Service and provide you with a tracking number.

Out Of State Fingerprinting

Our company provides Ink Fingerprinting Services for all states, agencies, and networks. Also, most states accept the FD-258 FBI Background Check Card.

Make An Appointment

Fill out our contact form and a fingerprinting technician will respond within 24 hours to set up your appointment.


Fingerprinting Pricing

Check below to see our prices for each service.

Ink Cards

$133.66 | Two Ink Cards
  • BIM-12-98
  • CJIS Cards
  • FD-258 Cards
  • Out of State Reasons

Ink Fingerprinted Cards

$66.83| One Ink Card
  • Submission Service
  • Expedited Shipping
  • Tracking
  • Convenient

Electronic Fingerprinting

$189.48 | OH BCI+FBI
  • OH BCI (All Fees+Taxes Included)
  • FBI (All Fees+Taxes Included)
  • Archiving (Extra Charge) Plus 1st Service Free w/Paid Club Membership
  • Ohio Webcheck Machine

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