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What Background Checks We Offer

Ink + Roll Fingerprinting


Electronic Fingerprinting Methods

Cleveland Fingerprinting uses two methods to capture fingerprint images: 1.) The Ink + Roll Fingerprinting using the Ink Fingerprinting Cards and, 2.) The Electronic Fingerprinting using the Ohio WebCheck Machine System. The captured fingerprint images are submitted to the state for the creation of The Background Check Reports. The State of Ohio has up to 30 days to send the requestor a response, while other states may take longer. Also, some states may require only Ink Fingerprinted Card submissions while others prefer Electronic Fingerprinted aka Live Scanned submissions. Depending on the client's needs we may only use our Electronic Fingerprinting Machine or reach out to our authorized channelers. The State Fees apply only to the Electronic Fingerprinting and Background Check Processing. Therefore, The Electronic Fingerprinting and Background Check service costs include The State Fees. For more information on Background Checks as it relates to the Ink and Electronic Fingerprinting Methods, please visit The Fingerprinting Menu to identify which one suits your specific fingerprinting needs or call us for advice.

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Background Check Pricing

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Background Checks

  • Ink+Roll Fingerprinting Card Method (Price Range: $60.21 - $120.42 plus, See Ink Fingerprinting Menu.)
  • Electronic Fingerprinting Method (Price Range: $79.48 - $170.70 plus, See FBI Fingerprinting Menu.)

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